Leben Square

Project Introduction

Customers wanted Lebenda-Platz to look young, stylish, feel new and entice people to explore.
We analyzed competitors, considered the core processes of the application, simplified the process, and left only the necessary functionality.

Customer introduction

Serving Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries, Leben provides services such as local shopping, takeaway delivery and moving family cars. Leben takeaway: You can make reservations across the city and enjoy exquisite food from thousands of miles away. Leben Square: One account to visit European high-quality stores, and provide quality assurance and efficient after-sales service. Moving car service: moving pick-up, car selection, Leben customer service full support.

Our Services

Platform Development, Interaction Design, User Experience, User Interface Design, Front-end development

UI fonts and colors

It is important that all text in an application is legible, even if it is running on a low-spec device.

The customer wants his app to look: trendy, cool, eye-catching, simple, stylish, young.

The Founder’s Lanting Black font (FZLTTHK–GBK1-0) is upright and generous, the overall effect is very beautiful, and the font strokes are very thick, with eye-catching effects, just right.




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